Integrating Technology into Everyday Mathematics (ITEM)

Integrating Technology into Everyday Mathematics (ITEM) is a comprehensive preK-6th grade mathematics curriculum developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, and published by Wright Group McGraw-Hill. At present, the Everyday Mathematics curriculum does not have a strong technology component.

Using technology with Everyday Mathematics will build student confidence, demonstrate real life experiences to the student, make math come to life and active, encourage higher-order thinking skills for problem-solving, and much more. Accordingly, SRI & ETTC has developed a 30-hour professional development series on technology integration to support the Everyday Mathematics curriculum.

Building on the EM principles, Integrating Technology into Everyday Mathematics (ITEM) will focus on the integration of technology with teaching strategies, classroom activities, and community connections. ITEM workshops can be conducted onsite at interested districts who have started implementing Everyday Mathematics as well as offsite facilities. Workshops can be scheduled to meet the in-service and other scheduling needs of participating districts.

ITEM will complement many features of the Everyday Mathematics curriculum. These include: real-life problem solving, balanced instruction, multiple methods for basic skills practice, emphasis on communication, enhanced home/school partnerships and appropriate use of technology.

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ITEM will encompass six days of training. Workshops include: