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SRI&ETTC Annual Report 2015-16
The SRI&ETTC provides professional development opportunities for PreK-12 educators, technology coordinators, school administrators, and other professionals who offer support services to schools. The SRI&ETTC offers:
 Professional development on relevant subjects such as the Common Core Standards, PARCC, advanced technologies, technology integration, and instructional practices
 A comprehensive public calendar of workshops
 Customized training for on-site events and in-service programs
 Large-scale comprehensive conferences to address technology integration, content within the core curriculum, and topics that address the behavioral and emotional challenges that affect student learning
 Instructional coaching for comprehensive individualized instruction
 A state-of-the-art facility offering extensive training on emerging technologies
 Membership advantages such as a Technology Lending program, Web-based School Registrations System, and an easy annual
payment system for workshop registrations
 Online courses and web-based interactive presentations
 Program evaluation, feasibility studies, strategic planning, and personnel searches to assist school leaders and boards of education
 District-wide Technology Assessment for the effective integration of technology into curriculum
 Assistance with regulatory training required by the NJ Department of Education such as Suicide Awareness, Child Abuse, and Dyslexia
 Workshop Series on a variety of topics that lead to certificate of completion as well as the traditional professional development credit hours
 Access to Stockton’s School of Education and the university’s graduate programs
 Guidance and technical assistance sessions on proposal writing and applications for state and federal grant programs, and professional development planning
 Representation at the local and state level for education initiatives and emerging trends in the preK-12 sector
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