Employee Relations An Interactive Situational Leadership Seminar-Part of the Situational Leadership Series


Does a "Reduction In Force" (RIF), and a Non-renewal hold the same value for employees? May an employee's voluntary letter of resignation, accepted by the Board, have the right to be rescinded? Can seniority be earned in categories you have not been assigned? Can you be an effective leader without being an ethical one? What will you do when a teacher brings you a love letter he received from a high school student? What are the consequences for a teacher who consciously violates a policy to ethically help a student?

As enthusiastic new administrators, or those transitioning to new responsibilities soon discover, theoretical perceptions of your duties based on real dilemma situations may be grossly underestimated. Decisive actions are universal expectations from all stakeholders and now you are the decisive principle player expected to have the corrective and appropriate solutions!

This forum will include fictitious and documented school decision making scenarios and situational leadership dilemmas that may be daily judgments at the building and central office administrative levels. The solutions shall add tools to your administrative tool box!

The interactive workshop, suggesting your opinion matters, shall also include discussions regarding when to include available personnel resources including law enforcement and legal counsel to assist in the daily decision making judgments that reactively or responsively direct the success or failures that a school system encounters every day.

Join us in this open forum, led by Dr. Robert Previti, Retired Superintendent of Schools, to discuss multi-dimensional, situational decision making from the perspective of Building Level and Central Office Adminis-trators as they relate to employee relations and legal ramifications.

Audience: New Administrators, Graduate Students, Interested Teachers and Professional Support Staff
Workshop Code: W19030
Dates: Tuesday February 12, 2019

From: 9:00 to: 12:00

Cost: $58 OR 2 ETTC Hour(s). For info on membership, call the ETTC.

Instructor: Robert Previti
Location: SRI & ETTC - Meeting Rooms 107A - 109A

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