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Computer ClassroomThe Southern Regional Institute and ETTC invites all school districts and not-for-profit organizations to join our successful consortium. The consortium brings together 82 public school districts, non-public and charter schools, not-for-profit and affiliate organizations from five New Jersey counties. The Southern Regional Institute and ETTC can provide professional development and educational services to you and your staff in the areas of technology, core curriculum content and other educational services.

The Southern Regional Institute and ETTC offers two membership categories:


Membership advantages include:


  • A comprehensive calendar of workshops
  • Annual statewide conferences on topics such as Technology, Social Studies, and Equity
  • Customized professional development for schools and school districts
  • Several free workshops offered all to members
  • No purchase orders needed for each workshop - use ETTC Hours instead
  • Cancellations and substitutions are easy
  • Registrations may be submitted online or by fax, and approvals by fax
  • Savings in transaction costs are tremendous.