SRI&ETTC School Membership and Services


The Southern Regional Institute and ETTC welcomes all school districts to join our successful consortium. The consortium brings together 81 public school districts, non-public and charter schools, not-for-profit and affiliate organizations from five counties across New Jersey. A school district can join our organization or utilize our services in several ways:


  1. Become a member: Southern Regional Consortium members pay an annual per-student membership fee, and receive an annual allocation of ETTC Hours that can be used to register for almost all our workshops. The fee for the year is $3.25 per student. (ETTC membership fees are evaluated annually by the ETTC Steering Committee.) For details, please check the ETTC Hours Allocation. The ETTC Calendar lists all current workshops, and members often schedule additional workshops onsite to meet district in-service calendar needs or to provide after-school professional development options for their staff. School district members enjoy other membership advantages as well.

    To join the ETTC Consortium, please mail a written request on school letterhead to the Southern Regional Institute & ETTC, Stockton University, Parkway Building, 101 Vera King Farris Drive, Galloway, New Jersey 08205. Please include in your letter the number of enrolled students (the October 15 ASSA on-roll PreK-12 count is usually used) for the district. We will confirm your membership with a letter, and your teachers can begin registering for ETTC workshops almost immediately. Billing is conducted annually by Stockton College for all member school districts.

  2. Purchasing training through ETTC Hours: Teachers from non-member school districts can register for the general calendar of ETTC workshops through the purchase of bulk training by paying $24 per ETTC Hour  in sets of 50 ETTC Hours. When a school's purchase of bulk training equals their membership fee, they are considered to be full members of the consortium. ETTC Hours can be ordered online or via fax. Purchasing ETTC Hours is a cost-effective method for planning professional development in advance through the school year and is helpful for grant-writing and budgeting purposes as well.

  3. Purchasing custom training: School districts can contract with the ETTC for any of our workshop topics to be conducted onsite and to be customized to the technology, curriculum and scheduling needs of the district. The ETTC Steering Committee has set a standard member rate for custom training of $226 per hour or 9 ETTC hours per hour for up to 20 participants. Higher rates may apply for specialty workshops. School districts can purchase training ahead of time through a purchase order that includes the number of hours requested, with the understanding that training times and content will be scheduled later to meet the needs of the district and of the ETTC. Custom training time can be purchased online.